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Can medicated spa treatment pass for medical expenses?

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Massage therapies and treatments have been known to cure and have a beneficial effect on various chronic and severe diseases and also result in reducing depression, anxiety, and mental stress. In certain cases, the massages become necessary and therefore qualify as a medical expense. The spa treatments and therapeutic massage therapies can help in curing ailments and reducing pain. Luxurious massage treatments are different from medical massages as the latter requires a proper prescription. Several diseases can fall under the medial massage categories and we provide all kinds of beneficial massage therapies to all the patients as prescribed. The best spa nearby is the Rainbow spa in Hauz Khas and the massage center in green park South Delhi.

We offer hot stone massages, deep tissue massages, warm oil, and other therapeutic massages for your benefit. Rainbow Spa center is the best spa center in Delhi. The warm and comfortable environment especially for people who want to relax and detox their body is welcomed here. We believe in serving all our customers with satisfaction and providing them with the best quality services. You can pre-book your appointment with us at rainbowspa.com or search for the spa center nearby. 

Massage therapies are good for your health as they boost your immune system, reduce stress and it is believed that an hour’s session of good massage therapy can lead to a better body for the better. It is recommended to go for a spa treatment or a body massage in Hauz Khas to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

The several benefits of the medicated massage therapy include relieving nerve compression as it removes knots in the muscles and it is believed to cure sciatica, paresthesia, etc. It reduces myofascial trigger points that cause pain in the entire body. It improves blood circulation and increases flexibility. Medical massage treatments are also helpful in treating hypersensitivity of tissue injury.  We, at Rainbow Spa, offer it all within your budget, so don’t stay behind, book your sessions now. 

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